About PT Dasa Karya Indonesia

PT Dasa Karya Indonesia (DKI), is a technology-based company that provides solutions for Business, especially SMEs in running their business, including the implementation of online and offline transactions between Business Players, Community, and related Ecosystem parties through CARInih Apps.

Established in Jakarta in 2020, PT DKI has a vision of “To Be The Partner of Choice in The Industry”. We have collaborated with more than 2.500 MSME partners and companies in across Indonesia and serving more than 9.000 customers.

With the spirit of #NYATAKANsalingbantu, we continue to expand partnerships and collaborations in providing the best service for customers.

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Want to have a free cashier application and able to sell online? Download the CARInih application. You can also open an online shop, with one account! Automatically, your product marketing will be more easy with Delivery, Pick-Up and Dine-In features!

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Our Value


Prioritizing attention and affection in every work, such as taking care of the family itself.


Attentive and always prioritize partners and customers needs


Quick response in every situation for customer convenience.


Trustworthy and fulfill every responsibility given.

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